Shashwat Eco Solution Foundation is a non-profit company under section 25, registered in Pune. The organisation’s Will Provide Better Solution on Rain Water Harvesting

Important Numbers

  • CIN No. – U90009PN2010NPL137925
  • 12A(A) – PN/CIT-I/Regn./12A(a)/271/2014-15/1082
  • 80G – PN/CIT (Exempt.)/Tech/80G/R-31/Pune Rang/2014-15/
  • NITIAayog - MH/2018/0196855
  • PAN No. - AAPCS0581E

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Vision of Shashwat is to promote sustainable development and to maintain the balance of the ecosystem and the civilization.

Our Mission

  • Development of concept plan in different environment sectors in the interest of environment and society which has further replicable aspect in society.
  • Community led approach in project implementation
  • Promotion of ecological and sustainable solution to ensure environment improvement and empowerment of weaker sectors.
  • Incentive oriented approach in environment improvement programs.
  • Indicative result oriented project in environment sector.
  • Interlinking corporate sectors and community.


To achieve a Sustainable aspect in each concept project Shashwat has decided to work on three major objectives:

  • Objectives


    Environment Improvement, Economic Improvement of Weaker Sector, Social Up Gradation

  • Major Target Segments

    Major Target segments

    Corporate, Govt. and Educational Organisations, Community